Disclaimer and Cancellation Policy

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The information in this website has been provided in good faith. Ask Darryl in Darwin will not take responsibility for any bad experiences or loss experienced by anyone undertaking Darryl's suggested activities.


As mentioned throughout this website, the advice Darryl gives is purely personal. No payment has been made to Darryl to promote a service. Darryl may receive normal booking commissions with some operators if tours are selected.


Complaints on any unsatisfactory service experienced must be directed directly to the service provider that Darryl has recommended. Darryl is not accountable or responsible for any complaints.

In the unlikely event that one of Darryl's recommended businesses deliver bad service, please advise him as he would be interested in the feedback to help keep his reviews up to date.

Cancellation Policy


Tours/Day(s) and Half Day or less pre booked - Cancellation Policy

Greater than 14 days before pick up time full refund to apply.
Less than 14 days before pick up time no refund to apply.

Transfers- Cancellation Policy

Greater than 24 hours before pick up/ departure/arrival full refund to apply.
Less than 24 hours before pick up/departure/arrival no refund to apply.

Standby bookings for cars

Pre-booked fee is $110 per hour. This means if car is pre booked for a certain number of hours, and not fully utilised, the full number of pre booked hours will be charged.

Cruise ship visitors

Passengers and crew are asked to take special notice, e.g. if they book a sights tour starting 0900 and do not get off cruise ship until 1000 they have lost 1 hour off their bookings. They should ring or text Darryl to reconfirm all details once they are within mobile phone range of Darwin to reconfirm original booking. Changes are very difficult to make as all our cars are normally pre-booked out for cruise ships that come to Darwin wharf.

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